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Special Painting Effects

Special Painting Effects We perform and carry out normal or plain painting on both internal and external work conditions using only the highest quality materials for villas, offices, showrooms, apartments, hotels, and like environments. Conversely, Golden Line has the capacity and ability to execute practically all kinds and types of special and decorative paint finishes matching [...]
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Commercial Service This type of services is usually executed in Hotels, Malls, Hospitals, Schools, Offices and Residential Towers. Our scope of work for commecial establishments primarily remains ceilings, walls and partition works which are relatively much simpler and more plain compared to residential projects. Main materials used in this kind of scope are Gypsum Board, [...]
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Residential Service Residential services can be classified into two separate categories: Classic Interior Decoration and Modern Interior Decoration. The Classic Type is derived from Greek, Roman or Moroccan styles and is based upon balance and harmony to create warm, favorable and pleasing atmosphere, while the latter type employs a more contemporary approach. Classic is usually [...]
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Work Process

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Golden line gypsum Interior decoration and painting effect are pleased to offer you a wide range of gypsum designs, along with interior design and decoration services which include Ceiling & Gypsum Decoration, Wall Work & Partitions, Cornice & Pillar work, Painting Effects & Sculpture Work. We are working hard to show that warm Arab hospitality and the value of Arab culture along with the touch of ultramodern globalization in our designs. Our simple yet modern approach brings you 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Client’s satisfaction is our prime importance so our initial work starts with the mutual agreement where we first perform a complete case study about client’s requirement where we showcase the list of our most successful projects to the client. We are a well-known name is Gypsum market because of our trendy and most impressive designs& we always maintain that status by keeping our clients satisfied.

We have a privilege of providing a world-class service for Ceiling & Gypsum Decoration & Partitions along with Wall Work & Painting Effects followed by Sculpture Work &more. Our prime attention is on the idea and concept of the design and for that we first identify client’s need as we believe recognizing the need is the primary condition for the good design.

We believe in expressing original ideas to the client as we believe in thinking out of the box and that is how we come up with elegancy, uniqueness and versatility in our ideas & concept.We come up with delicate yet brilliant ideas where we take complete guarantee of the satisfactory execution.

We just begins with an idea & concept & it simply turns out in a remarkable design. Our highly expert team is having that ability and capability of expressing ideas to the client that it becomes impossible for the client to think about something else. And that makes us well-known in gypsum market.

We believe in creativity meanwhile we love to play with colors. Our goal is to observe, understand & create the design that can make invisible visible. We work to bring joy, excitement, pleasure and beauty to people’s lives. And that is how our clients trust us.

Good Design’ Expensive Design?

Good design speaks itself. If you think good design is expensive, you probably don’t know the cost of bad design. We have great designers available in-house busy in making not only intelligible and memorable designs but something memorable and meaningful to maintain the standard of our uniqueness’ creativity and versatility. Excited? You can get to know all about this on a cup of coffee with us.

The execution & the passion behind our designs, ideas and concept is something really exciting which keeps us motivated while the final execution, build and installation of the design makes that great change possible in the environment. An idea is comparatively easy as compare to Implementation but we do not believe in hallucinations so we pay full focus on the final installation of the designs, we just make sure that you have that feel of the idea and the execution becomes easy itself. Your satisfaction is our primary concern and we are always very excited about fulfilling it.